1988 Issues

This list contains the major articles and captions of each issue of Skydiving magazine. The list is in ascending chronological order; the date after each issue number is the date of publication. (Copies of most back issues are still available; click here for ordering information.)

Issue #92: 01/09/1988

Flight of the Dream Team Video Tape; Relative Workshop Changes Vector Reserve; National Mirage Risers; Tandem Vector Harness; World Meet Showcases CRW Advances; Wind Tunnel: Viable Alternative to Aircraft; Industry Supports Charity Raffle; Pro Association Wants Members; PIA Meeting Attracts Few Firms; Australia Considers Product Liability Laws; Collegiates Draw 85 Competitors; British Association Takes Action on Acid Mesh Problem; World Masters Games to Include Skydiving

Issue #91: 12/01/1988

40 Attend CIP Technical Congress; Company Grounds British-Built SACs; Glide Path Readies 3 Ram-Air Reserves; Aerodrome Freefall Society; Cleveland Parachute Center; Para-Phernalia Updates Rig--Northern Lite3; Three Para-Ski Meets Scheduled; Ripcord, Throw-Out Or Pull-out?; Florida DZ Hosts Scrimmage Invitational; Skydance Hosts Two Seminars; Strong Enterprises to Sell US Team Bags; RW Technique: It's All in the Basics; FTS Service Advisory; Precision Announces CRW Canopy; West German Skydiver Dies in Harness-Hold Jump; 8 Teams Attend Texas 20-Way Meet; Association Launched for Professional Competitors; 300 Skydivers Attend Bridge Day

Issue #90: 10/18/1988

Iowa Dollar Daze Boogie Attracts 650; San Diego Air Sports Fights FAA Ceiling; How a Rigger Inspects a Round Reserve; USPA Board Sets Student Gear Standards, Restructures Nationals, Studies Team Selection; Women's RW Record Attempt Fails; RW Video Readied for Release; Club Offers Frequent Flyer Plan; Kaiser Wins Budweiser Pro-am; British Build All-military 50-Way; FXC Recalls Some Model 12000s; Indonesia Plans 89 Boogie and Meet; Skydivers Help Open Seoul Olympics

Issue #89: 09/01/1988

Parachutes De France Offers Tandem Rig; Harness Failure Blamed on Poor Rigging; Stainless Steel Links; Manufacturer Tightens Tandem Rules; 10 Tips for Good Relative Work; Buckeye Sky Ranch Opens in Ariz; Aggies Schedule 20-Way RW Meet; New England Parachute Company Offers RW Version of Accuracy Canopies; World Record 144-Way Built in Illinois

Issue #88: 08/15/1988

US National Skydiving Championships CRW Results; Book Sales to Help US Team; 50 Learn RW Skills at Dream Camp; Operation Jumpfest Draws 330 Skydivers; Skydivers Parachute from Autana; New Student Piggyback Readied; Jump Shack Shipping Elite; English Photographer Develops Novel Camera Helmet; Summer Meeting of Parachute Industry Assoc Addresses Foreign and Student Equipment, DZ Liability, Marketing Issues; Parachute Center Seeks FAA Help to Fight Airport Ban; US Nationals Skydiving Championships; Washington State Skydiver Makes 403 Jumps in 24 Hr at Snohomish; CIP Still Pushing for Olympics; Women's RW Record Set for New York; Para-Flite Introduces New Main Canopy

Issue #87: 07/07/1988

Hartwood Paracenter; Freefall Ranch; DZ Operator Sues USPA Director; Mystery Dives Teach Heads-up Flying; British Jumpers Visit DZ in China; BPA Rules on Pull-outs; AIAA Seeks Tech Papers; Mirage vs Magic; CRW Canopy Readied; Changes to Vector Bags; Relative Workshop Conducts Ram-Air Reserve Deployment Tests; California Death Blamed on Dust Devil; 50-Way Built from 15 Cessnas; Gear Sought for Collegiate Clubs; US Team Wins Japanese Meet; Canopy Collision Kills Two Illinois Skydivers; FAA Scales Back New Regulation; Precision Parachute Announces New Ram-Air Reserve; Hayhurst, Stearns US Champions

Issue #86: 06/03/1988

Heid Runs for US Congress; Periodic Rig Inspection for Jumpers; North Texas Parachute Center; Air Adventures Florida; Slider Bumpers; Packing Data Cards; Answers to the FAA Rigger Test; Skydive Gunter's Mirages; Two Killed in California Tandem Jump; France Prepares for World-Level Meets; Skydive DeLand Hosts Spring Fling; Rigger Finds Two Acid-Contaminatd GQ Security 26-ft. Lopo Emergency Parachutes; Company Releases Tandem Data; New Award Offered; French Train in United States; Cessna Crash Hurts Competitors; Two Companies Offer Fixes to Pilots' SACs; Women's Attempt Pulls Out of Quincy; US Army Tests Ram-Air Reserve Reliability

Issue #85: 05/04/1988

Freefall Photographer Jumps Without Rig; Dies; Germany Plans RW Record Try; General Aviation Liability Bill Clears Committee; USPA Looking for Team Leader; Apathy Threatens Bridge Jumping; McGowan Collection; Free Fall by Norm Kent; Intentional Cutaways Are a Valuable Training Tool; 17 Teams Attend Iron Crank Meet; USBA Pushes for Yosemite Jump Approval; Carl Boenish Receives Award; US RW Record Plans on Track; Broken Link Found; Jumper to Try for 300 Jumps in 1 Day; Accident Kills Florida Jumper; Canopy Wrap Results in Fatality; Navy Jumpers Test Shuttle Escape System; Thailand to Host RW Record Try; Anti-Drug Plan to Skip Riggers; Jump Shack Issues Racer Bulletin; Mesh Problem Hits More Reserves; Gunderson, Pendleton Win Park West Meet

Issue #84: 03/16/1988 (Copies no longer available.)

Mobile Organizer Puts Up Dives in West; Performance Designs Readies 7-Cell Mains for Market; Swift Reserves Still Sought; Fabric Damage from Chalk; Chaser Grounded; Answers to the FAA Rigger Test; Reserve Failure Attributed to Incorreect Packing; Party in Paradise: Some Skydiving, Fun; An Introduction to Freestyle; Dates Set for PIA Riggers Conference; Charity Jumpathon; Dutch DZ Schedules 16-Way Meet; FAA Grounds SAC Reserves; UK Students Must Wear Openers; Tenn. Wind Tunnel Boogie Draws 75 Skydivers; National Mandates Modificaton to Phantom Reserves; Audible Altimeter Improved

Issue #83: 02/16/1988

830 Jumpers Attend Christmas Boogie in Spain; 8-Way Sequential Relative Work Dive Pool; Instructor Advocates AFF Apprentices; CIP Makes Plans for Future World Meets; 4-Way Sequential Relative Work Dive Pool - 1988; From Wings Came Flight; Skinny Vector Released; SAC Fails: Jumper Killed; Two Killed in Tandem Accident; Organizers Plan for World Record Attempts; PIA Installs Toll-Free Referral Line

Issue #82: 01/19/1988

FAA Rigger Test Questions; Tandem Canopy Gets Double Brake System; Interview With Canada's Mike Zahar: What the Future Holds for the Sequential RW Event; Pioneer Parachute Still Looking for Recalled Reserves; Sun Path Tests Javelin Rig for TSO Approval; Photographers Association Meets; Grandpa's Adds CASA; More Defective SAC Reserves Discovered; Skydiving Approved for 1988 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

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