1993 Issues

This list contains the major articles and captions of each issue of Skydiving magazine. The list is in ascending chronological order; the date after each issue number is the date of publication. (Copies of most back issues are still available; click here for ordering information.)

Issue #149: 11/20/1993

The Front-Riser Approach; Some Gear 'Fads' are Worth It; REVIEWS; A Look Back at the Mirror; Collision Fatal; 1993 World Parachuting Championships of RW; Bridge Day Hampered by Weather and Bungees; Weather Hits National 16-Way Meet; Packing Procedure Changed; Faulty Ring Found; 4-Way Meet to Include Swooping and Sequential; Maybe You've Heard; Jumper Killed at Yosemite; Canopy Sends Jumper to Hospital; Cash Pulls Competitors to Meet; North Pole Skydives Planned; Landing Accident Kills Virginia Skydiver; France, U.S.A., Dominate World RW Championships

Issue #148: 10/18/1993

Skydive U: Pay Now or Pay Later; Demanding, Delightful, Elegant DeLand; World Championships of Freestyle and Skysurfing - Final Results; World Freestyle Meet Big Success; Final Results; Scores for Canopy Relative Work; Over-60 Crowd Competes in Mich.; 3-Ring Incidents Show Importance of Maintenance; U.S. Nationals of CRW and RW Go Well

Issue #147: 09/13/1993

Places: Bay Area Skydiving; Novice Jumper Walks Away From Horseshoe Malfunction; Titusville: Good Company, Great Facilities, Spectacular View; TECHNIQUE The Scratch Garrison Flat Track; The Basics of Landing High-Performance Canopies; Cessna 182 Crash Kills Pilot; French Espace Boogie '93: 11,600 Skydives in 1 Week; Incident Shows Reason to Check Connector Links; REVIEWS; Florida Event Offers Different Fare; Field Modifications suspected of Causing Student Javelin Mishaps; RW Teams Register for World Meet; 3-Ring Hang-Ups Reported; Power Lines Kill Midwestern Jumper; Inspection Urged; Tandem Accident; Skydivers Flood Quincy for Free Fall Convention; FAA to Study Improved Belts; Skydivers Flood Quincy for Free Fall Convention

Issue #146: 08/13/1993

Jumper Skittish After Canopy Collapses; Money Meet Canceled; Goetsch Disputes Incident Report; Umatilla: Modern Facilities and Friendly Atmosphere; Company Readies Two Rigs for Market; How to Land Safely Under the New River Bridge; Company Lists Rigs that Need Inspection; AAD Maintenance Interval Extended--Airtec; Updraft Takes French Student For a Ride; Join The Circle!; Teams Get Ready for Next Month's Nationals; Ten Ways to Make it Through an AFF Course; Jumpers Work Hard for the AFF Rating; New Illinois DZ Going Strong; Gadgets Make Freefall Music Better; POPS Miss Record Try; Performance Designs Starts Shipping New Canopy; Tandem Tasks Force Meets for 2nd Time; Freefall Express Cup Attracts Top Teams

Issue #145: 07/08/1993

Vector Owners: Check Your Leg Straps; DZ Has Trouble with Student Rig; Water-Resistant, Lighted Altimeter; Snagged Jumpsuit Puts Jumper in Tow; The One and Only Jerry Bird; Zephyrhills: The Two-Headed Fun Monster; Hard Turn Collapses Canopy; Coast-to-Coast 9-Ways Remembered; Company Offers Handy Rigging Kit; Camera Helmet Redesigned--FSW Heller; Fundamentals of Building and Flying a Formation; "Lemmings from Hell: NRBG '92"; Computerized Order System; Final Scores -- 1993 U.S. National Championships of Style and Accuracy; Finns Set National RW Record; Skydive Arizona Prepares for RW World Meet; Double Riser Failure Reported; AAD Readied for Tandem Rigs--FXC; Comic Strip Debuts; Novice Injured After Landing on Hangar Roof; Students Collide Under Canopy; St. Louis Meeting Mulls Changes to AFF Certification Courses; U.S. Style & Accuracy Nationals Go Well

Issue #144: 06/10/1993

European Skydiving Shifting to the East; BASE Jump Mishap; Engine Failure Prompts Bailout; Canopy Collision Fatal for Two in Spain; Glide Path Recalls Some Novas; Canopy Collapse Injures Jumper; Camera Helmet Offered--Skydance Photography; Easter Boogie in Italy was Well-Attended but Wet; FAA Issues AD on Some Skyhook Pilot Chutes; Low Reserve Pull Kills Jumper; Night Light Offered; Equipment Dealer Offers Canopy Training Program; Low Breakaway Kills Student; Freestyle Circuit Being Launched; Precision Offers New Products, Freebies; S.C. Beach Boogie Draws Crowd; Twin Beech Bellies In with Jumpers Aboard; Tandem Pair Dies in South Carolina; US Team Looks to Raffle for $$$; Spain to Host 1993 Freestyle World Championships

Issue #143: 05/10/1993

Russians Drop More Parachutists on North Pole; Aerial Delivery Used in Bosnia; 6th Technical Congress of Parachuting Set for Fall; How to Give Your Rig a Preflight Inspection; Improve Your RW: Organize For Success; 'Continuous Flow Skydiving' Maximizes Freefall Time; Canopy Collapse Kills Georgia Jumper; Packing Error Contributed to Tandem Fatality; First Stop on a Tour of Florida DZs: Palatka; Skysurfing's Early Days; Is Your Drop Zone Ready for Skysurfing?; Eloy's Easter Boogie Offered Plenty of Everything; Beleaguered Georgia DZ Closes; Drop Zone Gets Ready for U.S. Nationals; DC-3 Jumpship Crashes at Zephyhills, Fla.; Slow Reserve Deployment Prompts Questions; Details Sketchy About N.C. Accident; USPA, Jumpers Fight Mass. Bill; Accident Kills Ohio Tandem Pair; Accident Involves Reserve Failure; Auction Set for Freefall Simulator

Issue #142: 04/12/1993 (Copies no longer available.)

Places: Tecumseh Parachuting Service, Inc.; No-Pull Accident; Fatality Blamed on Low Breakaway; Anti-Jumping Bill Resurrected in Legislature; Novice Jumper Dies at California City; Gear Problem Fatal for Jumper; A Few Ways to Brush Up Your Relative Work Skills; Parachutes de France Mandates Loop Change; NW 'Chute Camp' Set for June; Canopy Collision Fatal to British Jumper; Fifteen Teams Enter California's Iron Crank Meet; Manufacturer Developing Stronger One-Inch Riser; Company Readies Canopy Performance Tester for Market; POPS Meet Hit By Bad Weather; Australia Hosts Freestyle Camp; Del. DZ Sets Jerry Bird Seminar; Tandem Accident Kills Two; Aircraft Ejection Seat Tested; 3100 Jumps in Under 24 Hours; Europeans Dominate Para-Ski World Meet; Passenger Saves Tandem Pair; Organizers Plan Florida Boogie; AAD Service Center Opens; Jumpship Accident Injures One; Visiting Jumper Dies in Landing Accident; Goggle-Mounted Altimeter Demonstrated; Party in Paradise Attracts 150; Guy Manos Named 1992 Skydiver of the Year; USPA Undertakes Legal-Services Program for DZs; PIA Pulls Off Symposium '93

Issue #141: 03/10/1993

TECHNIQUES; Places: Flying Tigers SPC; Places: Carolina Sky Sports; Sunset Loose Loads Reconsidered; Sky Blazin' 92: The 3rd Annual World Freestyle Championships; World Record 150 Way; The Aerial Freestyle Guide Book; How to Transition from RW to Freestyle Without Suffering an Identity Crisis; Parachute Maker Benefits from Laser Cutting Table; IPC Takes Action on Competition; Radio-Controlled Ram-Air Developed; Understanding Your position: An End to Rotten Weekends; Organizing Team Goes International; Jumper Killed in Stunt Jump for TV; Photos; Group Studies Aircraft Noise Levels; CRW Training Events Set for Spring; Longer Reserve Repack Cycle Studied; Jumper Dies in Landing Accident; Photo; Kansas Drop Zone Closes; Weather Hempers Mardi Gras Boogie; Stronger Type 17 Risers Offered; Photo; 'Table Total' Grounds French Rig; RW Teams Like Arizona Money Meet

Issue #140: 02/03/1993

Skydiving's Chart of Reserve Canopies; How to Judge Altitude Using Ground References; The DeHavilland Beaver: A Sturdy but Slow-Climbing Jumpship; Places: Skydive America South; Places: West Coast Skydiving; Jumper Killed in Texas Accident; Arizona DZ Attracts Nearly 500 Jumpers by Offering Cheap Jumps; Details Sketchy on Ariz. Accident; BASE Rig Has Direct-Bagged Reserve; Automatic Opener Saves Jumper; TECHNIQUES - How to Build a "C" Cat; Automatic Opener Steps in After Skydiver's Mistake; The Basic Steps for Starting a Collegiate Skydiving Club; 1st Jump Leaves Lasting Impression; U.S. National Para-Ski Champions Crowned; DZ Booted Off Kansas Airport; USPA Seats New Directors; Service Bulletin Affects Reserves; Para-Flite Offering Deals; Canopy Collision Kills Jumper; California Maintenance Firm Focuses on Mods to Jump Planes; Bolivia Hosts RW Cup for Latins; Collegiate Meet Draws Large Crowd: Weather Troublesome

Issue #139: 12/31/1993

Places: Front Range Skydivers; Places: Aerodrome Skydiving; Skydiving's Chart of Ram-Air Main Canopies; Manufacturer Defines `Rig Performance'; Accident Kills Tandem Passenger; Plans Set for Malaysia Boogie; Techniques - Horizontal Thrust; Europeans Review Field Use of CYPRES Opener; Skydivers Discover the Pluses and Minuses of Jumping from Blimps; Club Puts Audible Altimeters to Different Use; Rig Manufacturers Develop Stronger 1-Inch Risers; Plans Shaping Up for Ariz. Valentine's Day Meet; AAD Acts When Jumper Doesn't; Florida Turkey Meet Attracts 300; Arizona DZ Caters to Big Group; Australian Firm Recalls Reserve Ripcords; POPS Members Build Record 40-Way Formation; Freefall Collision Kills Experienced Skydiver

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