2000 Issue

This list contains the major articles and captions of each issue of Skydiving magazine. The list is in ascending chronological order; the date after each issue number is the date of publication. (Copies of most back issues are still available; click here for ordering information.)

issue #233: December 2000: 11/30/2000

Relative Workshop Discontinues Old-Style Tandem Student Harness; "PD Blue" Wins NSL Championships; Florida POPS Set RW Record; The Schapanski Approach; American Skydiver Finds Russia a Good Place to Visit; New BASE Rigs by Morpheous Technologies; Skysurfers Make Japan X-Games; Tiezzi, Flyboyz Give A New Twist to an Old Track; Freeflyer Mike Ortiz Seeks USPA Board Seat; The Meet Director's Perspective on the 2000 World Cup; USA and France Dominate World Cup 2000 in Arizona; Weather Slams California Blots; Florida Jumper Hurt Badly in Accident; Altitude Test Chamber Offered; Washington Jumpers Make Trip to Perris Annual Event; A Competitor's Perception of the First U.S. National Championships of Freeflying; Another Way to Carry Lead; Considerations on Wearing Weights; Our Correspondent Gets Introduced to Skydiving in Asia; IPC Releases Proposed Rule Changes for Freestyle, Skysurf and Freefly Events; Untangle Your Main in 5 Minutes; High-Tech Pull-Up Cord: Powertool; Australian DZs Look for Teams; Rough Edges Abound on New USPA Student Program; Equinox Boogie Serves as Reunion for Australian Skydivers; Boogie Held for Accident Victims; The Golden Knights to Focus on 4-Way; 72-Year Old Aims for El Capitan; NTSB Blames Pilot for Fatal Crash of Michigan Jump Aircraft; Competitor Pushes for Women's Class in FAI Formation Skydiving; FAA 'Advice' Might Mean More; IPC Pushes Forward with New Licenses; Bridge Day Rolls on Despite Trasport Glitches.

Issue #232: November 2000: 10/30/2000 (This issue is no longer available)

Sometimes Passing the Buck Can be a Good Thing; Wisc. Jumper Killed by Collision; Kansas No-Pull Incident Perplexes Investigators; World Meet of Style & Accuracy; Skydivers React to 'Cutaway'; 'Cutaway' Released on Cable to Mixed Reviews; Investigators Can't Determine Causes of California Accident; Despite Setback, Mullins Pushes for USPA Slot; The Story of a Rescue: What Happened After a Jumper Got Stuck on the Cliffs of Kjerag; Airborne Trailer; 'BASEClimb' Sequel on a Better-Prepared Track; More Nationals: CRW, Freefly, Freestyle, Skysurfing; Skydive Lake Tahoe Doles Out $$ at Freefly Meet; New Wrist Mount Altimeter; Bulletin Requires Riser Inspection; Jumpsuit Features Aimed at Freeflying; Heart Attact Fells Jerry Schrimsher; Jumper Survives Building Strike; Byron Boogie: NorCal's Biggest; New Stow Bands Look Promising; Airspeed Sweeps U.S. Formation-Skydiving Nationals.

Issue #231: October 2000: 09/21/2000 (Copies no longer available.)

Elsinore, Calif., Jumper Killed Under Spiraling Canopy; Skydiver Falls Out of Rig; Italian Jumper Dies in Canopy Accident; Building Snags Cincinnati BASE Jumper; Sky System Helmets are Dishwasher Safe; PD Source Out of Business; Cutaway Caused by Severed "Slink" Soft Link; Canadians Set RW Record; Reasons to be a Parachute Rigger/Rigging Courses; Snagging Jumpsuit on Aircraft Puts Penn. Jumper in a Precarious Situation; Learning to Jump the ARMY Way; BASE Jump Hassles Cops; BASE Trip Includes 72-Year-Old; Popular Norwegian BASE Site Has Controversial Summer; Firearm Incident Sparks Arrest; Unable to Cut Away, Aussie Jumper Spins in Under Twisted-Up Canopy; Ohio Speed Meet Awards $$; Jumper Loses Rig in Freefall; Bratislava Meet Enjoys 8th Year; Places: Wild Geese Skydiving; Keeping Pace with World Champions: Newbies on Golden Knights and Airspeed Tell What It's Like; 'DeLand PD8' and 'Raeford Express' Win America's Cup Meet in N.J.; France's Eiffel Tower Jumped From Inside; Demo Jumper Skips "Pro" Rating; Skydiver Wins World Paragliding Accuracy Championships; Who Are These People?; New York Jumpers Hire Experts to Learn CRW; California Meet Gives Charity Top Priority; Skydivers Head for Thailand; Mark Jones Wins Raeford, N.C., Money Meet; Soggy Weekend at Kapowsin Features "Re" Structure Fire; 84-Way Set Swiss Record; Jones Wins $5K at Venezuela Canopy Meet; Swedish Boogie Features Two C-130 Aircraft; Chicago Record Attempt Comes Up Short.

Issue #230: September 2000: 08/20/2000 (Copies no longer available.)

Danish Jumper Fined $2,000 for Jumping Troll Wall; Luigi Cani Lands 46 sq. ft. Icarus Extreme VX; Jump for the Cause 2000 Raises Money for Reseach; 'Yahoo!' Renews Team Sponsorship; Scores of NSL Regional Meets; Russian Skydivers Die in Helo Crash; 'XL' Wins British Nationals; 'Spirit Twins' a Generation Apart; Two Skydivers Killed in Utah Plane Crash; A Look at the CamEye II for Video Cameras; "Skydive 8'99"; Illinois DZ Celebrates 30th Anniversary; Why I Hate Accuracy: A Brief History of How the Dot Got So Small; BASE Convictions Upheld; 'Tunnel Rats' Take to the Sky With Impressive Results; Rule Changes Considered for Canopy Formation Events; DZ Starts Automatic Opener Fund; Skydivers Use Winged Suits for Cross-Country Jump; Rookie Dies on Norwegian Cliff; Accident Puzzles DZ Owner; Parachute Downs Chilian Plane; DZ Owner Mark Wheeler Killed in Aircraft Crash; Jamey Woodward Scales Back; Comments on State of the Sport; USPA Disciplines Calif. Jumper; Phases in a Long Skydiving Career; DOT Rules Favorably on Cypres AAD; Coaching School Still Searching; Landing Kills Nebraska Jumper; Slaton Wins Pro-Blade Meet at World Freefall Convention; Quincy Convention: Jet-less but Fine; Presse Ups Swoop Meet Ante to $15K.

Issue #229: August 2000: 07/20/2000

New Drop Zone Opens Near Denver; How to Make the Best Use of Tunnel Time; The Wind Tunnel at Fort Bragg; Successful IPBC Meet Opens Future Doors; BASE Jump Made for IMAX Movie; Perris Hosts 2nd CRW Weekend; France, Russia Win CRW World Meet; France, Russia Win CRW World Meet; Throw-Out Pilot Chute for Students; Tom Berenger Talks About the Upcoming Movie 'Cutaway'; On Finger-Trapping; Jumpship Crash Blamed on Pilot; The Basics of Bagginess and the Evolution of the Jumpsuit; AAD Batteries Need Careful Handling; Classic Corner: "Whatever"; U.A.E. Hosts Min-Boogie; N.Y. Fatality Attributed to Heart Attack; Ray Cottingham Turns 60; Furrer Takes BirdMan Suit to 24,500 Feet; Novice Dies in Florida Accident; Brazilian 88-Way Sets Record; Fronk Injured On Board Jump; PD Opening Factory in Honduras; Entanglement Kills Calif. Student; Mexican Cave Offers Underground Skydives; Calif. Freefly Film Festival Produces Quality Work.

Issue #228: July 2000: 06/19/2000

Finnish Competitor Killed in CRW Wrap; Wake-Up Call; Lowering the Bar; Slovenian Colegiate 2-Way Meet; Perris Sets Schedule for U.S. Nationals; Moore, Stearns Win U.S. Nationals; Low-Altitude BASE Canopy Unveiled; Rigger, Inventor Butt Heads Over Connector Links; NTSP Releases Factual Report on Crash of Cessna Jump Aircraft; Movie Takes a Participant's View of the Sport Today; Interview Discusses Evolution and Direction of Space Games; Protective Clothing for BASE Jumping; Altico Issues Rig Bulletin; Perris Valley Hires General Manager; Incident Provides Insight into Hard Openings; Increased Performance from Your Cessna; Big Open Diamond Built at Arizona Challenge; Southern California Jumpers Honor Jerry Borquin; 'Video Games': The Creative Use of Visualization and Imagery; Their Envelopes Pushed, Two Reserves Fail; Their Envelopes Pushed, Two Reserves Fail; Boogie Salutes DZ Operator; IPC to Tweak Licensing System; POPS Women Set Formation Record; Cliff Jump Kills Brittish Skydiver; Bragg Wins His Second Pro-Blade Canopy Meet.

Issue #227: June 2000: 05/21/2000

FXC Misfire Causes Entanglement in Norway; Turbulence Blamed in Italian Porter Accident; Premature Opening in King Air Injures One; Major, Coursant Collide in Elsinore, Calif.; Marana, Ariz. Accident; Icarus Canopies Announces 'Crossfire' Main; PD Enlists European Demo Centres; Basic Research Introduces 'Vertex' Rig; With the Benefits Come the Costs; What's Your Favorite Drop Zone?; Freefly Millennium Two: Liquid Sky; San Carlos Boogie: A Competitor Discovers the Sport's Fun Side; 'Team Infinity' Trains for World Meet; Rigging Errors: What Should You Do?; Jumper Killed in Colorado; 'Good Stuff' Movie Premieres in California; Improving Your Sequential Skills; Missouri Accident; The Army's Wind Tunnel at Fort Bragg; A Conversation with Scotty Carbone; Canopy Collision Kills One; Freeflyers Cash In at Space Games; Grommets, Tabs Still an Issue; BirdMan "GTi" and "Classic" Wing Suits; Lew Sanborn Celebrates 50 Years in Sport; Voodoo is Ready; Cani Wins Swoop Meet; Night 50-Way RW Record Set.

Issue #226: May 2000: 04/19/2000

Tour Gives Skydivers Real Appreciation of South Africa's Beauty; Coolidge-Eloy Tour a Winter Pleasure; Bragg Wins Arizona Canopy Meet; French Company mandates Fix; SunPath Broadens Javelin Bulletin; Knights, Pick-Up Team Win AmCup 2; Venezuela Boogie; Jumper Injures Spectator; Lapoint, Hoiby-Griep Win New York Para-Ski Meet; New Toggle from Jump Shack; Jump Aircraft Crashes in Germany; Florida DZ Host POPS; Ideas for Beginning Head-Down Transitions; Canada Hosts U.S. Para-Ski Nationals; Fla. Swoop Meet Doles Out $5000.

Issue #225: April 2000: 03/24/2000

Jumper Dies After Low Turn in Portugal; Consolidated Rigging Releases Mojo 310; Compact SLR Still Camera; Should Students Be Trained to Cut Away from Totals?; Getting Long in the Wing; Portable Oxygen System; Canopy Collision Fatal for Arizona Jumper; Flynn, 'Team Absolute' Win Moab BASE Meet; From The Loft: Storing Your Gear; Company Offers Rental Options; New Vest Includes Safety Feature, Gear Bag and Packing Mat; Powered Trike Gives Hang Gliders a Lift; "The Clouds Edge" and "Olav"; Coming Back from Injuries Large and Small; Basic Concepts of Freeflying; Mass. to Host S&A Nationals; Winter Expo Attracts 365 Jumpers; Fliteline Issues Second Bulletin; Industry Reacts to Grommet Problem; Industry Reacts to Grommet Problem; Higher Fuel Prices Pushing Up Some Jump Rates.

Issue #224: March 2000: 02/24/2000 (This issue is no longer available)

Jump Shack Increases Price of Racer; FAI Recognizes Airspeed FS and Russian CRW Records; USPA Should Lower Minimum Age for Skydiving; Does Today's Gear Last Longer; Gramando Joins Skydive Arizona; Speakers Sought for Industry Convention; Agentinian Skydivers Vacation in Government Parks; The Night Jump; New Freefly Rules Follow IPC Lead; IPC Tweaks Rules for International Meet; Aerial Focus Releases New Film; Defective Grommets Still Found on Reflex Rig; Problem With Drogue Prompts Hardware Change; A Conversation With Dwain Weston; A Run-In With the Devil; The Scottish Parachute Club; Growing NSL Gears Up for Season / Fla. League Holds Meet #1; B.J. Worth: 1999 Skydiver of the Year; Block 5: Wagga, Wagga; Block 3: Side Flake Opal/Turf; 4-Way Random F: Twins; Czech Skydivers Jump from Sailplanes; 'The Search' Focuses on Basic Skills; Film Festival Set for Canada; Canopy Program Tested in Ga.; Redesigned SkyGlider Unveiled; Basic Concepts of Freeflying: Using Your Body as a Surface Against the Wind; USPA Board Meets in Phoenix; Airspeed Wins Money Meet.

Issue #223: February 2000: 01/26/2000

Skydivers Greet 2000 in Antarctica; Where Do You Want the U.S. Nationals?; Cadets Dominate Collegiate Nationals; Canopy Maker Concerned About High-Speed Jumps; Rig Bulletin Issued; Bad Grommet Blamed in Perris Valley Accident; Feedback from Students Show Importance of Customer Service; Skydiver Dies in Calif. Accident; Florida Competitors to Get Sponsorship Boost; Porter Breaks Up in Flight; Tandem Incident Draws Ire; Canopy Control Course Helping Newer Jumpers; Basic Freeflying Concepts; Texas Couple Begins Issuing BASE Numbers; Bad Checks Jail Student; Old 10-Way Format Revived; A Conversation with Norway's Lise Aune; Jumpers Around the World Plunge into New Millennium; International Commision Mulls Rule Change for 2000; Thailand Large-Formation Record a Success from Every Aspect.

Issue #222: January 2000: 12/23/1999 (Copies no longer available.)

Goodbye to Collis Griffin; Should Women Have a Separate RW Division?; Museum Near California DZ Popular with Jumpers; Addenda to 4-Way Block Techniques; Jump for the 'Paws' Nets $3000 for Animal Shelter; Indonesian Air Show Features Big Birds; Speed Skydiving: The Basics; Preventing Center-Cell Strip: Testing Continues; New Arizona Companies Thriving at Eloy; Great Lake Skydive Centre NZ; Accidents Give Useful Lessons in Risks of the Sport; Know Your Connector Links; Austrian Parachutes from Christ Statue; Italy's Franceschitti Wins Speed Meet; Figuring Out the Right Exit Interval; Attitude and Peak Performance; A Conversation With Marta Empinotti; Are PD's New Soft Links Legal for Any Reserve?; Arizona DZ Enjoys Growing Success with Boogie in Mexico; 282-Way World Record Set in Thailand; 6th Space Games Dole Out $20,000; Mission Impossible Yields Rewarding Dives, Good Vibes; Jumpsuit and Helmets from Germany; Norweigian Jumps from British Ferris Wheel; Artist vs. Architech: Insight into the Competition Mindset.

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