2001 Issue

This list contains the major articles and captions of each issue of Skydiving magazine. The list is in ascending chronological order; the date after each issue number is the date of publication. (Copies of most back issues are still available; click here for ordering information.)

Issue#245: December

2001: 11/24/2001

Pro Blade 'World Games' Held at Perris; Airspeed Again Sweeps U.S. RW Nationals; Icarus Issues Bulletin Mandating Trim Changes to Some Crossfires; New DZ in Portugal Draws Jumpers from Across Europe; Ariz. Freefly Event Featured Wide Variety of Aerial Games; Some Drop Zones Still Hampered by Post-Sept. 11 Flight Restrictions; Women's Event Brings Skydivers of Both Sexes to California DZ; Reports Released on Fatal Accidents in Australia; From the Judging Booth; Building Escape Parachutes Now Hot Topic - And Hot Seller; Canadian Skydiver Bill Cole - Innovator or Renegade?; Sport Accuracy Debuts at Nat'ls

Issue #244: November 2001: 10/26/2001

Sport Accuracy, Freestyle Added to Collegiate; Annual Byron Boogie Rocks – Again; The Over-60 Crowd Sets Formation Records in California; Time-Out Altimeter Jumps Back In; Icarus Struggles to Solve Problems with Some Crossfire Canopies; Contractor Disputes Bulletins; How to Pack Your Pilot Chute to Avoid Malfunctions; NSL Teams Prepare for Championships; Rewriting the Book on Skydiving Instruction; Adding Creativity to Skydiving Photography; Equipment for RW Competitors: Part 3, Accessories; Army Backs Stearns' High-Altitude Effort; Market Opens for 'Escape Chutes'; Jumpers Must Tread Carefully Through Cloud-Clearance Minefield; Kapowsin Air Sports Seeks Exemption from Cloud-Clearance FAR; IPC Puts Hold on Changes to Rules, FS Dive Pool; OmniSkore: Who, What, Why, When and How; USPA Does Its Job; Helps Get Jumpers Airborne Again After Attack; IMAX Movie; BASEClimb2 Reaches Summit; Doesn't Jump; Congressman Joins BASE Effort; Just Another Tandem Jump; Golden Knights Hone Skills at Winter Training Camp

Issue #243: October 2001: 09/21/2001

Old Meets New at 'Freedom Jam' in Oregon; Clawson Big Winner at Pond-Swooping Nat'ls; IPC Releases 2002 FS Dive Pool; International Dives at Quincy; AAD Does It's Job in Washington; Texas Jumper Again Finds Fun at Iowa's Couch Freaks Boogie; New England Boogie Offered Something for Everyone; Norway's National Champions; Equipment for RW Competitors: Part 2, Rigs and Parachutes; Bryan Joins Perris Valley Flyboyz Team; 6,000 Jumps; Accessories and Gadgets for Freefall Photographers; Canopy Pilot School Opens at California DZ; Nevada DZ Snubs Transients; Georgia's DZ's Promotional Efforts Attract Criticism; Casino Plans Amusement Ride; Drill Dives that Hone CRW Skills; Canopy Collapse Kills Jumper in NY; Icarus Issues Product Bulletin; Malaysia Int'l BASE Championship; Tourism at its Best: Skydives from Venezuela's Angel Falls; Backcountry BASE Rig Debuts on Norway Trip; NPS Says No to Guyer's El Capitan Quest; Icarus Imposes Flight Restrictions on Icarus Main Canopies

Issue #242: September 2001: 08/24/2001

Attendance Down at World Free Fall Convention; Aviation Theme Park to Host NSL Championships; Frayed Harness Found in California; Inaugural Summerfest Goes Well; APF Wrestles with Insurance Costs; Sport & Precision Accuracy Jumpers Mix it Up at Greenville; Another Look at Upright Flying; Important Elements of the 4-way Exit; Wing-Flyers Flock to Swedish Boogie; First-Family Tandems: Just Another Day at This California DZ; Four-Day Camp Teaches Big-Way Techniques; How to Choose a Camcorder; What's Next for Skydive Miami?; Australia's Army Uses Skydiving for Recruiting, PR; The Right Gear for the Job; Tandem Reserve Malfunctions; BASEClimb II Shifts Gears, Stalls Out, Drives On; Maine Record; Bulletin Issued on Faulty Ripcords; California DZ Upgrades Facilities; Indoor BASE Workshop Teaches Acrobatic Skills to Reduce Risk; Misjudged Landing Fatal in GA; Skydiving - The Ultimate Sales Tool; An Olympic Hopeful, Parachuting Struts Its Stuff at World Games

Issue #241: August 2001: 07/26/2001

U.S. & Russia Win RW World Meet; The Baffin BASE Expedition; Freefly Skills Camp Takes a Different Approach; A Day at the Air Races; IPBC Judge Dives into the Sport; Scenery Highlights Alaska Boogie; Airtec Develops Prototype Drogue for Speed Jumps; What Firing Altitude for AADs?; The Correct Body Position for Sequential Skydiving; South Africa Club Celebrates 21st Anniversary; Mental Training for Skydiving and Life; The Shocker; The FS Events from the Perspective of Two Insiders; Valois, Kraav Win Overall Titles in Style and Accuracy; An Interview with Brian Smith; Russia, US and France Win CRW Events at World Meet; The New World Champions of Freefly, Freestyle and Skysurfing; BASE in a Day: How Two Jumpers; California Jumper Plans Reunion of Early RW Jumpers; A Little of Everything at This Boogie; Blind Skydiver Soldiers On; New Jersey Effort Yields Four-Point 106-Way; Jumper, Observer Injured by Propellers; Boogie Honors Calif. Manifestor; New Canopies, Pilot Chute for BASE

Issue #240: July 2001: 06/22/2001

Swoop Competition Comes of Age at Perris Pro Cup; Zang Makes 500 Jumps in 24 Hours; Adding Artistic Value To Your Flying; Brooke Still Winning Speed Meets; High Court Refuses BASE Case; DZ Owner Angry at USPA Director; Tandem Incident Prompts Bulletin; Kansas Accident Blamed on Unstable Deployment; Collision with Aircraft Kills Texas Jumper; Jumper Dies in Calif. Accident; Student dies on AFF Jump; How Top RW Teams Prepare for a Meet; NSL Marches On; An Interview With Troy Hartman; How the 66-way Formation was Built at the Arizona Challenge; Choosing the Right Canopy: Cells, Shapes, and Skins; German City Hosts Legal Building Jumps; Safety Tips for Freefall Photographers; Expeditions to Mexico Offer Underground Parachute Jumps; BASE Rig Includes Back-Pack Features

Issue #239: June 2001 05/26/01

Jump Shack Bulletin Addresses Tandem Racer System; Bomber Manufacturing Purchases Fliteline Systems' Assets; PIA Hosts Online Rigger Forum; California Demo Thrills NASCAR Fans; McCormick Makes 45 Birthday Jumps; First Time at the Cave in Mexico - A Wild BASE Adventure; Freeflyers Win Money at Texas DZ; Downsizing Intelliently: Chosing the Best Canopy Size; Using GPS to Document Wingsuit Dives; Low Cutaway Fatal in California; Cable Network Gives Major Airtime; National Skydiving League in Full Stream; A Conversation with Wendy Smith; Accuracy Featured at Wash. Meet; Teams 'Guano,' 'La Voltage' Win Arizona Freefly Meet; Thacker Passes DZ on to His Son; Thacker Passes DZ to His Son; New Canopy by Big Air Sportz Features Airlocks; 'Plane to Plane' Jump Overcomes Leery Sponsors; FAA Updates Regulations on Parachuting.

Issue #238: May 2001 04/28/01

Icarus Canopies Moves From Zhills to Sebastian; BASE Jumping Can Be Its Own Worse Enemy; Deploying Reserve Snags Helmet; 18-Way in Lake Wales Sets Florida SOS Record; What is Was Like to Learn to Skydive - In 1938; World Championships of Para-Ski; BASE Case Moves to Supreme Court; Equipment Entanglement Blamed in NC Accident; Rig Maker Approves Harness Modification; BASEClimb 2 Presses Ahead; Basic Concepts in Freeflight: The Slow Speed Range; Caylor Aquitted of Charges in Botched BASE Jump; One Jumper's Loss is Another's Good Fortune; Injured Jumper Recounts High-Speed Landing; Six Hurt in Crash of Jumpship; Swedish Jumper Dies on Solo Jump; POPS Set Florida Record; 'Chute N Shoot' a Bang-Up Affair; Season Gears Up for NSL; Jumper Miscalculates Landing, Dies; USPA Launches Coach's Rating; Skyposium 2001 Draws 300; Freefly Speed Event Introduced; RW Technique: Verticals Made Easy; Neophyte Finds Space Games Fun; Moore, Callahan Win Ariz. Classic S&A Meet.

Issue #237: April 2001: 03/24/01 (Copies no longer available.)

Seven Jumpers Killed After Cessna 206 Crashes into Caribbean Ocean; Cessna 206 Goes Down Near Wichita, Kansas; Hayes Fractures Neck in Pond-Swoop Competition; Guyer Continues El Cap Quest With Angel Falls Jump; Utah Hosts Tombstone Challenge BASE Competition; A Look at the CamRL Wireless Remote Control; 19-Way Wingsuit Jump Sets Record; Blade Running Stumbles Over Insurance Problems; High-Speed-Deployment Testing Continues; Manufacturers at Odds with Rigger Over Rebuild; Fed Policy Bars BASE Jumps; Skydive Chicago Hosts Winter Expo; High-Altitude Training: Cheap, Available and Worthwhile; Radio Controlled Parachuters; Illinois DZ Takes Its Customers South for Indoor Skydiving; Jumpers Set South American Canopy Formation Record: 31-Way; A Conversation With Craig Gerard; Kurt Gaebel: 2000 Skydiver of the Year; RW Technique: Finding, Using and Keeping a Coach; From The Loft: Inspecting Line Sets; New Canopies Readied for Market; Downed Utah Aircraft Poorly Equipped for Weather Conditions; Skydive Elsinore to Host 'Bridge the Gap' for Novice Skydivers; CRW Event Set for Holland; Malaysia Hosts Borneo Boogie 2001.

Issue #236: March 2001: 02/28/2001 (Copies no longer available.)

AAD Installation OK by Senior Rigger; PD Adds Two Sizes to its Line of Reserve Parachutes; Storrie New Owner of Advenure Loft in Texas; Skydive Daytona Closes its Doors; PIA Symposium: Business-to-Business, But That's OK; Lawsuit Against USPA Dismissed; Aussies Host International Military Meet; 'Airspeed' Wins Both Events at Arizona Valentine's Meet; Season Begins for National League; The 'New' AFF Certification Course: One Participant's Perspective; Techniques: The Secret to Front Floating; Appeals Court Denies BASE Case; Legal Efforts Come to an End; Malaysian Tower Hosts Hundreds of Jumps - In One Day; "Next" Rig by Paratec of Wallerfangen, Germany; Argentinean Skydiver Introduces Flexible Cable Housing; High-Speed Freefall Studied; Sun Path Adds to Fabric, Harness and Color Options of Javelin Rig; Airtec Sets Cypres Lifespan; Parasport Italia to Manufacture Winged Suit; Parasport Italia Helmet Has New Option; New Audible Altimeter from Italy; French-Made Rig May Soon Hit U.S. Market; Performance Designs Readies Mid-Range 9-Cell for Market; PIA Symposium: Industry Leaders in One Place; Freefly at the PIA International Symposium; Video Review: "Beyone Extreme"; IPC Mulls Changes to RW Rules; World Meet Gets Women's Event; Reserve Malfunctions in Perris, Calif.; USPA Revamps AFF Rating, BSRs and Adds New Award; A Conversation With Harry O'Conner; New Jumpers Find A Lot to Like at "The Search"; Business Booms For SkyVenture Wind Tunnel; Skydiving Wall Border For Sale; "Cyprus Challenge" 120-Way Meet Announced; Coolidge DZ Hosts Army Team; Free Fall Convention to Stay in Quincy; Canopy Pro Tour Lines Up Season.

Issue #235: February 2001: 1/31/2001

Maguire Injured in BASE Accident; NZ Company Starts Test Flying PAC-750XL; Editorial: Rose Bowl Jump: Much Ado About Nothing; Editorial: Change the Collegiate Parachuting Championships; Auction Raises Money for Matthews; Skydive University Formalizes AFF Tunnel Program; Millennium BASE Jump in Malaysia Sets Record; Jump Shack Nixes Freebag Safety-Stow; "Jack, Off to Perris" Boogie Gets Bigger; Low Turn Fatal at Florida DZ; Z'hills Accident; Novice Dies After Breaking Ankle; Coping with Excessive Humidity in a Camcorder; Caring for Your Kill-Line Pilot Chute; CRW Technique: How to Dock in a Low-Wing Slot; Florida Accident Blamed on No Pull; A Conversation With NSL Founder Kurt Gaebel; Laying a Foundation for 4-Way Team Training; USAFA Dominates Collegiate Championships; NSL and America's Cup Unite; Jumpers Make Tandem Wingsuit Jump; USPA Elects New Board of Directors; TV Network to Air Stearn's "StratoQuest" Jump; King Air Crashes in Utah, Killing 8 Skydivers on Cross Country Trip.

Issue #234: January 2001: 12/27/2000

Clinton Creates "Air Navigation Service Organization"; Parachute G-Force Recorder Being Developed in N.Y.; Georgia Jumper Gouges Head on Unmoving Propeller; Academic Scientists Study Inflation Aerodynamics; Children of the Sky; Zipser Again Wins Space Games; Long-Distance Call from Freefall; BASE Movie: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back; Combo Packing Mat & Bag; Golden Knights Revive Military Nationals; Stearns Prepares for Freefall Skydive from 130,000 Feet; It Ain't Easy Being a Student: Why Beginners Quit; RW Technique: Flying From the Hips; CRW Technique: Canopy Warping and 2-Way Docks; Lake Powell BASE Case Makes Progress; Adjusting Steering Line Length for Optimal Performance; A Conversation with Country Western Singer Jimmy Olander; Freefly Technique: Ideas and Concepts for Taking Grips; Cessna Madness Downunder Coming May 2001; Video Review: "Airspeed" and "2000 US National Championships of Formation Skydiving"; Sun Path Indroduces 'Riser Tubes'; BirdMan Adds New Wingsuit Model; Computer Program Aids 4-Way Jumpers; Clawson Wins Texas Swoop Meet; 80-Way Record Set in Venezuela.

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