2002 Issue

This list contains the major articles and captions of each issue of Skydiving magazine. The list is in ascending chronological order; the date after each issue number is the date of publication. (Copies of most back issues are still available; click here for ordering information.)

Issue #257: December 2002: 12/04/02

Chilly Weather, Hot Videos Mark Film Festival; Skydivers Romp During Trip to Swiss Alps; Rantoul Happy With Convention; Changes Being Made to 'Golden Knights' Parachute Team; SkyVenture Starts More Tunnels; The Sports' Ten Golden Rules; Tips for Remembering the Skydive; Emails from My First Tunnel Camp; Tips from Veteran Jim Wallace; 'DeLand Majik' Wins NSL Championships; How to Use Team Dynamics to Win; Adventures in Big-Ways: The Texas State Freefly Record Attempt; Filming Skydives with a Digital Still Camera; The First Parachute Jumps in Canada; Jumper Builds Motorized Student Trainer; The Nuggets Fallschirmsport DZ Flugplatz Unterzeil, Germany.

Issue #256: November 2002: 11/08/02

Skydivers Set Women's Large-Formation Record in California; Tracking Pants Introduced; Older Crowd Convenes in California; 'Chicks Rock' Boogie Draws 100 Women to Southern Calif. DZ; Aerodyne Preps New Canopies; New Hook Knife Available; Canopy Collision Fatal in California; IPC Sets Longterm Schedule for World Meets; Officials Issue After-Action Reports on U.S. Nationals, AE World Cups; France, Russia and USA Grab the Most Medals at World Cup in Spain; World Cup Site Garners Praise; France, Russia Win Canopy Formation Events; Open European Parachuting Championships, Artistic Events; Tenn. Parachutist's Death Attributed to Hard Opening; Weather, Equipment Thwart Attempt to Freefall from 130,000 Feet; Precision Canopies Win Swoop Meet.

Issue #255: October 2002: 10/04/02

Golden Knights and Arizona Airspeed Win RW Nationals; Government Grants Jump Waiver; Winds Thwart 130,000-ft. Jump; DZ Pleased with Discount Program; NPS Backs Away from Blanket BASE Ban; Lawsuit rattles Australian Assn.; Landing Accident Hurts R.I. Student; Over-Sixty Set Sets Records; FAI Launches Int'l Certificates; Richmond Boogie Basks in Good Weather, Good Organization; Russian, American Die During Norway Cliff Jumps; A Conversation With Tim Rigby; Final Results: U.S. Nationals of Freefly, Freestyle and Skysurf…U.S. Nationals of CRW; ‘Skydive Chicago STL' is U.S. 10-Way Champion; A Look Back Down a Path to a Gold Medal; Moledski Wins New England Pond Surfing Championships; Couch Freaks Boogie Rolls On; More than 500 Attend This Year; U.S. Nationals of Style & Accuracy

Issue #254: September 2002: 09/09/02

World Free Fall Convention Goes Smoothly; Flying High at Sweden's Hercules Boogie; 'Phenix' Wins Swedish Nationals; Skydivers Over Sixty Launches Drive for U.S. Parachute Team; Skydivers Find Lost Prairie Boogie, Again; Accident Prompts AAD Review; 4-Way Techniques Available on CD-ROM; 'Majik' Tops 'Airspeed' at Russian 4-Way Meet; Modified Rig Draws Scrutiny; Utah Company Introduces BASE Rig Designed for Wing Suits; Southern California DZ Hosts CRW Doubleheader; Balancing Your Camera Weight; The Importance of Being…Level; Women Set Canadian Record; Skydiver and Bystander Killed in Accidents at Free Fall Convention; Feature Film "XXX" Opens to Mixed Reviews; Clawson Wins New York's Pond Swooping Nationals; Scotty and Tami Carbone's Wedding in the Sky; Downsized Espace Boogie Attracts 350 Skydivers; Landgren Wins Pond Swoop Meet; Big-Way Freefly at Summer Fest; Int'l Record at 17; Oregon Freefly Meet; Paracentrum Texel -Texel, Holland; Mooney Wins Speed Meet at Texel; Injured Skydiver Reflects on His Accident; Tandem Market in Transition; Birthday Jump in Pennsylvania; Chicago Hosts Swoop Meet

Issue #253: August 2002: 07/30/02

Large-Formation Attempt Moves to the U.S.; Skydivers Anchor Extreme Sports Festival in Norway; Texas Foundation Awards Training Scholarships to Skydivers; Texas State Record Comes Close; Manufacturer Grounds Canopy; Bonehead Introduces Full-Coverage Lid; Slipping Harnesses Get Attention; Tandem Student Dies at California DZ; Low Turn Kills Conn. Jumper; Illinois Skydiver Killed Swooping a Pond; California Boogie Offers Plenty for Everyone; Tacoma man seriously hurt in parachute jump of bridge; Shopping for a Rig, Part Two; More Than Surviving; 4-way Technique: Block 5, Opal-Opal; Pilot Chute Blamed in Bridge Accident; How to Be a Team Player; High Ambitions; Paralog; Elsinore Hosts Freefly and Swoop Meet; Entanglement Kills California Skydiver; Companies Team-Up to Develop Cargo Rig; U.S. CRW Team Trains at Missouri DZ; Specialty-Aircraft Exits fro Camera Flyers; Viletto Returns to the East Coast

Issue #252: July 2002: 06/21/02

Distance Record Set at California Swoop Meet; ‘Rocketman' Makes First Jump; Willer Celebrates 500th at Beach Boogie; Kansas Jumper Makes 40 on 40th; Skydivers Jump for the Queen of England; All-in-the-family Tandem; Galloway Remembers 1st with a Wince; Women's Large Formation Record Attempt Well Under Way; Arizona Invitational Yields Big Formation; RW Technique: Planning the Jump; Landing Accident Fatal in N.J.; Jumper Dies After Freefall Collision; 4-Way Technique: Block 8, Canadian Tee - Canadian Tee; Targeting in the Key to Finishing a Block; 4-Way Exits: A Basic Primer; Tower Jump Fatal in Florida; Kathy Dause Fan Club Boogie Featured Non-Stop Jumping; ‘No-Pull' Accident in Florida; Toadsuckers Set Mississippi CRW Record; Paragliding Skydiver Attacked by Hawk; Visiting Jumper Killed in Low-Turn Accident in Georgia; Professional Swoop Meet Set for Lake Michigan; Jumper Advocates Nationals Reform; More than 200 Skydivers Attend New Jersey Freefly Boogie; N.C. Jumper Hurt After Canopy Collapses at Low Altitude; Demo Over Downtown Houston; Maguire Returns to the Air after Injury; Tampering Causes Malfunction; Community Relations an Issue at Popular Idaho Bridge; Essay: One Skydiver's View of BASE Jumping Today; A Quick-Release Modification for Camera Helmets; Jumping a Para-Commander for the First Time; Device Uses Fan, Water to Cool Air; Epiphany

Issue #251: June 2002: 05/23/02

Congressman Advocates 'Backcountry Parachuting'; Elsinore Hosts Freefly Invitational; Aircraft, Skydiver Collide in Calif.; Northwest Hosts Accuracy Meets; New Rigs From Germany; Whitehill Wins Tracking Meet; AFF Jumpmaster Dies in Connecticut; Icarus Unveils New Main Canopies; Florida Freefly Boogie Attracts 50; 3-Ring Size: Fashion or Function?; Using a Wind Tunnel to Improve Freeflying Skills; 4-way Technique: Block 20, Piver-Viper; Turning Subgroups in Competition RW; California Jumpers Remember Harry O; Texas Team Tackles Tardiness; Mexican Cave Hosts More Jumpers; Shopping for a Rig, Part One; The Learning Channel Takes a Rapper to the Ranch; Are you Ready for the Nationals at Skydive Chicago?; Videoing Tandem Pairs for Fun and Profit; Incidents Highlight the Importance of Training and Knowledge; Wiederkehr Wins Fla. Speed Meet

Issue #250: May 2002: 04/25/02 (Copies no longer available.)

Camp Preps CRW Jumpers for U.S. Record Attempt; Borneo Boogie Features C-130, Serious Fun; Stearns Still Going for 130,000 ft.; BASE Toggles Offer Line-Over Cure; Georgia DZ Adds Swoop Pond; Canopy Collapse Kills VA Jumper; Bridge Day a 'Go' for Skydivers; California DZ Drops Jump Prices; Wind Tunnel Opens in Malaysia; Canadian Skydiver Spins-Up Canopy at Low Altitude; Dies; Illinois DZ Gets Unusual Jump Ship; Winds Blow 'Blade Raid from Competition to Convention; Germany Changes Rigging Regulations; Meyers, Laughlin Win Overall Titles at U.S. Para-Ski Nationals; The Niagara Daredevils - Parachuting Stuntmen; 4-Way Technique: The Many Faces of Piver to Viper; The Power is in the Legs; Harry O'Conner Dies in Movie Stunt Accident; Competitors Win $20,000 at the Brahma Caribbean Challenge 2002; Precision Revises Raven Bulletin; Texas Jumper Hurt; Mouzon, 'GK Gold' Win Arizona Classic Accuracy Meet; NTSB Investigation Underway; The Cessna 182: Making It All the Jump Plane It Can Be

Issue #249: April 2002: 03/25/02

Organizers Bail on Bridge Day 2002; ‘Maceio 300' Aims for Success the Airspeed; Convention Organizers Finally Sign 'Real Deal' Contract; ‘Majik' Upsets 'Airspeed Vertical' at Florida 4-way Meet; Pilot of Crashed Jump Aircraft Disputes NTSB Conclusions; Arousal Levels: Breath In, Breathe Out; Stop before You Go; Rigger Questions Use of Rubber Bands on Racer Reserves; "The Skydivers Survival Guide"; A Conversation With Troy Widgery; Technical Aspects of Still Photography; Freefly Organizing Part 3: Organizing Advanced Freeflyers; Be a Pilot, Not a Passenger: Building Awareness and Increasing Pilot Ability; Malaysia Hosts Another Big BASE Event

Issue #248: March 2002: 02/26/02

Puerto Rico Hosts Freefall Festival; World Free Fall Convention: Same Time, New Place; California Boogie Doubles Attendance – Again; IPC Tweaks RW Dive Pool; Training Tips: Making the Most of Your Time on the DZ; Chris Gay: 2001 Skydiver of the Year; Essential First Steps for 4-Way Teams; A Conversation with Mike Mullins; Bad Spot Puts Jumpers in the Water; Camcorder Lens is More Rugged and Compact Than Most Others; A Story of a Hard Cutaway; Bob Franzese: A Freefall Photographer's Mentor; Skysurfing Champion Trades Board for Bassinet; New ATC Rules: Confusing but Workable for Demo Jumpers; Speed Skydiving Had International Circuit; ‘Personal Downplane’ Fatal in P.R.; Miss. Boogie Draws Yankee Jumpers; Skydive U Returns to Florida DZ; Accident Baffles Investigators; Landing Accident Fatal in Arizona; Swoop; Skydive Archive 2001; Sky Blues; Technique: Block 9 - Cat-Accordion / Cat-Accordion

Issue #247: February 2002: 01/24/02  (This issue is no longer available)

Blade Running Gets New Name, New Venue and New Sponsor, Fla. DZ Hosts 'Vertical Vacation', A Blast from the Past: Calif.'s Annual Rumbleseat Meet, Tandem Malfunction - Or Not?, Rig Mod for Wing Suit, Precision Issues Bulletin n Some Raven Dash-M Reserves, Tips on Freefly Organizing, Part One, Moving On from Video to Still Photographer, 4-Way Technique: Block 4, Monopod – Monopod, Taking and Presenting Grips, "Quincy 2001", Blue Skies Project, Anomaly, Evolution, Space Games #10, How the West Was Fun: Lost Prairie 2001 Video, Starcrest Offers New Vertical Awards, Some Assembly Required: Building a 4-Way Team, A Continuity Plan for Intermediate Jumpers, ‘PD Blue' Calls it Quits, Government Backs Boogie in Venezuela, Coaching Company Announces Tunnel Camp; Advanced Course, BASE Jumper Puts Legal Document to Good Use, Skylar's First Jump, How To Make a Nude Skydive, From the Ground to 31,000 Feet

Issue #246: January 2002: 12/24/2001

California Film Festival Flies Higher Than Ever; NSL Ends Season with Demo Event; Riggers Use Regular Meeting and Internet to Share Knowledge; California Jumpers Set Nevada's Large-Formation Record; Precision Readies Reserve Fix; Amputee Skydivers Get Together in Southern California; Mixing Free Flyers and Belly Flyers - The Shasta McNasty; Meet Director Provides Insights into Future of U.S. Nationals; The 'Key' is in the Eyes, Visual Communication; How to Freefy with a Tube; CRW Jumpers Set 38-Way Florida Record; First a wrap, then gators and snakes, then help…; More Drill Dives to Hone Canopy Relative Work Skills; Brits Head to California for High-Altitude Jumps; A Conversation With Moe Viletto

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