2007 Issues

This list contains the major articles and captions of each issue of Skydiving magazine. The list is in ascending chronological order; the date after each issue number is the date of publication. (Copies of most back issues are still available; click here for ordering information.)

Issue #317: December 2007: 11/17/07   (This issue is no longer available)

Annual California Boogie Uses Good Vibes to Boost Attendance; Moledzki Triumphs at World Cup; Beyers' Arizona Group Raises the Bar; French Company Introduces Wingsuit, Rig; 'Hayabusa' Wins Int'l Military Meet; Australian Agency Releases Report on 2006 Jumpship Accident; Skydivers Raise Money for Vets; SkyVenture Opens Wind Tunnel in Hollywood; Few Clues So Far into Cause of Washington Caravan Crash; Moledzki Wins Canopy Meet in Brazil; Retired Attorney Joins BASE Access Effort; 'Fielding Boogie' Remembers Popular Load Organizer; 'Groovy Good Time' at Iowa Boogie; Z-Flock 3.5: Under Gray Skies; Parachutes Small Part of Huge Burning Man Event; Jonathan Tagle Performs Three-in-One Stunt for TV Show; Third Cliff Jump Fatality in Lauterbrunnen Valley; Good Weather, No Hassles: West Virginia's Bridge Day Goes Well; Line Twists Require Prompt Action.

Issue #316: November 2007: 10/16/07  (This issue is no longer available)

Canadian Government to Publish Proposed Skydiving Regs 'Soon'; PIA Joins Effort to Solve Problems With Berry Amendment; Women Set U.K. Large-formation Record; Patching Templates Simplify Minor Repairs; American Killed on Swiss Cliff; AAD Incidents End Safely; The Mental Edge: 7 Keys to Achieving Peak Performance in Skydiving; Vintage Parachutes Get Aired Out Over Florida DZ; Factory Team Roams the World to Teach Canopy Skills; Cause of Utah Accident Unknown; Results: U.S. National Championships of Formation Skydiving; Airspeed and Fastrax to Represent U.S. at 2008 World Meet; Results: U.S. Nationals of Style and Accuracy; Results: U.S. Nationals of Canopy Piloting; Results: U.S. Nationals of Vertical Relative Work; U.S. Nationals: Canopy Formations; U.S. Nationals: Artistic Events; Go Fast Games Attract 90 Parachutists to Colorado Bridge; Emotional Accident Prompts Couple to Share Their Feelings.

Issue #315: October 2007: 09/15/07

'Buy American' Law Causing Problems for Some U.S. Manufacturers; Drewes Dies in Southern Calif. Motorcycle Accident; Real World Volume Numbers for the PD Optimum Reserve; Observations While Packing the Optimum Reserve; Landing A Malfunctioned Tandem Reserve; Wingsuited Jumper Dies in Norway; SOS Announces Next Record; Despite Somber Theme, Boogie a Success; 2007 Malaysia BASE Tour: Six Buildings, 2800 Jumps; Batsch Wins Pro Swooping Tour Championships; Buechler Tops 23 to Win Canopy Pilot Circuit Championships; Improving Skydiving Skills with Pilates; 'Quick Six' Pilates Mat Starter Program; New York DZ Introduces the Sport to Future Skydivers (It Hopes); Rigging Legend Frisby Dead at 61.

Issue #314: September 2007: 08/16/07 (Copies no longer available.)

Inaugural 'Un-Convention' Goes Well in Calif.; 'Airspeed' Wins Money Meet; Cause of Fatal Accident in Alabama Not Clear; All in the Family: 'Team Evolution' Wins Canadian Nationals; Automatic Openers Misunderstood; Wingsuit Exit Results in Injured Jumper, Bent Plane; Skydive Chicago's Summerfest Boogie Goes Big; Skydivers Build a 69-Way, Setting a Freefly Record; Illinois POPS State Record Completes in Record Time; The An-72 Experience; Experience Trumps Adversity; Skydivers Get Creative to Feed TV's Need for Arcane Stunts.

Issue #313: August 2007: 07/20/07 (Copies no longer available.)

Moledzki Wins Colorado Canopy Swoop Meet, Sets Distance Mark; DVD on Freefall Filming Released; SoCal 4-Way Team Takes Four 8-Way Teams Along for the Ride; Perris Tunnel Develops Instructor Curriculum; Jumpers Busy at Dutch Tower Boogie; Jumper Deals With Nasty Malfunction; With Airtime to Fill, TV Program Funds and Films Complicated Stunt; Jumper Celebrates 40th Birthday With 40 Jumps in a Day.

Issue #312: July 2007: 06/19/07 (Copies no longer available.)

FAA Wants to Increase Repack Interval to 180 Days; Hollywood Dollars Fund Bigtime Demo into NASCAR Race; Wind Tunnel Going Up in North Carolina; Italy to Host 2009 World Air Games; Phoenix-Fly Introduces New Suit; Accident's Details Revised; Suit Developed for Canopy Swooping; Americans Head South for Boogie in Mexico; Jumpsuit Company Introduces New Wingsuits, Tracking Pants; Australian Instructor Leads Hand-Cam Seminar in Germany; NTSB Analyzes Montana Crash; Goal of Arizona Challenge Invitational Proves a Bit, Well, Too Challenging; Low-Altitude Line Twists Kill SoCal Skydiver; Security Company Self-Promotes with Demo Jumps; Accuracy Jumpers Compete for 'The Crown'; Demonstration Jump Turns Ugly for Ohio Skydiver; Women Skydivers Jump for UK Charity; Far Away Baffin Island, Canada is 'Like 100 Yosemite Valleys'.

Issue #311: June 2007: 05/17/07

Landing-Area Collisions Prompt Safety Proposals; Saucier Wins Regional Swoop Meet; These New Rules Might Reduce Landing-Area Collisions; DZ Manager Responds to the Proposal; Strong Recalls Quasar II Rigs; Pennsylvania Pelt Heads Recruit Members, Get Ready for Boogie; Perris Books Aircraft, Organizers for 'Un-Conventional' Boogie; Tom Slocum; Wingsuits Help Jumpers to Buzz Brazilian Landmark; Fatal Accident at Idaho Bridge Blamed on Pilot Chute Problem; Malfunction Zen: The Art of Responding Correctly to An Emergency; Accomplished German Parachutist Killed in Paragliding Accident; Skydiver Leaves Hollywood's Glitter to Sell Mortgages; How to Avoid Canopy Collisions; A Moment in Time; Season Kicks Off in Britain; Duo Skydives at Six Different DZs in 24 Hours; Aussies Break Longstanding National CRW Record.

Issue #310: May 2007: 04/16/07 (Copies no longer available.)

Thailand Remains Popular With Visiting Skydivers; Water Boogie Set for New Mexico; Soft Links Rigged Wrong; Jumper Dies in Landing Accident at Florida DZ; Organizer Cancels 2007 World Free Fall Convention; Low-Altitude Canopy Collision in Georgia Kills Two Veteran Skydivers; Oklahoma Skydiver Does 50 in a Day the Hard Way; Two-Point 139-Way Sets Sequential Record; No Record for SOS Jumpers; Freefall Injury Results in Rough Reserve Ride for Calif. Jumper; PIA to Run International Symposium in Europe Next Year; Hollywood Stunt Gives Skydivers a Few Seconds on the Silver Screen; Tower Jump in Russia Ends in Fatal Water Landing; Building Owners Sue Parachutist for Jump Attempt; 'Airspeed' Wins Shamrock Showdown.

Issue #309: April 2007: 03/16/07

'Pilots of the Caribbean' Boogie in Puerto Rico; Instructors Push the Limits of a Student's First-Jump Tasks; 'Jumpzillas' Win 40th Anniversary Rumbleseat Meet; Idaho Jumper Sells House, Buys Plane, Starts DZ; A Focus on Basic Skills Results in Quality Jumps for Arizona Group; 'Golden Knights' Training Hard for 4-Way Formation Skydiving; Review: Fly the Line, DVD; Boogie in Belize III - Focus Remains of Fun in the Tropics; 'Airspeed' Wins Valentine's Meet in Arizona; Brodsky-Chenfeld Uses People Skills to Make Jumpers Perform.

Issue #308: March 2007: 02/21/07

Canadian Government to Revise Parachuting Regulations; California Link Failure Results in Serious Injury; Natasha Montgomery: 2006 Skydiver of the Year; Catapult Jump Successful in Spite of Problems with Launcher; Tornado Destroys Popular Tower; Rossy Pushes Forward with 'Jet Ski of the Air'; Hardcore Demo Team Honors Paratroopers, Round Parachutes; Tandem Reserve Ripcord Fails During Normal Use; Rope-Based Contraption Takes Freefall to Flare Altitude; Wind-Tunnel Innovator Keeps Feet Dry in Forced Landing on Lake; President Bush Pushes for User Fees.

Issue #307: February 2007: 01/19/07

Perris Jet Gets Final FAA Approval, Flies Holiday Loads; Moledzki, Buechler, Edgeington Win PD-Fastrax Challenge Swoop Meet; New Ohio DZ About to Open; CRW Invitational Focused on Smaller, Difficult Dives; Jumping the DeHavilland Dash 8 Turboprop; Tandem Accidents Generate Debate on Instructor Competence; Study of Arizona Boogie Provides Insight into Gear, Safety; Tips for Jumping the Perrine Bridge; USAFA's Bush Takes Honors at National Collegiate Championships.

Issue #306: January 2007: 12/15/06

National Skydiving League Adds Events for 2007 Season; Tandem Passenger Harness Improved; German Large-Formation Record Broken in Arizona; Aviacom Issues Bulletin Recalling AAD Cutters; Combo Top-Skin BASE Canopy Shows Staying Power; Housing Slowdown Benefits California DZ; Florida RW Invitational Gets Good Reviews; With No Jump Aircraft, Exotic Boogie Never Gets Airborne; Keys Boogie Enjoys Good Run; Kenya Boogie Continues Tradition of Fun; Army Parachute Team Hosts 8th Annual Black and Gold Competition.

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