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Batch 28

What are the oval cutouts in the ribs of my parachute?
Where can I get training in an altitude chamber?
Which parachute is right for me?
How do I contact the Caterpillar Club?
Is there a wind tunnel in my area?
Is there a database of antenna towers?
Why did I have trouble breathing in freefall?
Why did my daughter get sick and pass out while under canopy after her tandem?
Where can I get health insurance to cover skydiving accidents?
Why did I experience numbness in my hands after my tandem jump?
Which method of skydiving instruction is best for my girlfriend's first jump?
What type of clothes should I wear on my first jump?
Will the chest strap on a tandem passenger's harness damage breast implants?

Batch 27

Will I be a qualified jumper after my 8 AFF jumps?
What should be considered when building a swoop pond?
Packing tips...
What's the best method for storing a rig?
Can a rig be retrofitted with an RSL?
The first jump; Which method to choose.
What's the difference between packing a military reserve and a sport reserve?

Batch 26

Which grippers are right for me?
How tight should my closing pin be secured?
What's the best way to slow down my Sabre's openings?
W.W.II Japanese Kamikaze skydivers...
Young jumpers trying new canopy maneuvers.
Is it legal for a jump plane to shuttle jumpers for money?
Where can I find a lawyer to sue a DZ?
Is it safe to skydive after having a stress-related heart attack?

Batch 25

When should Vectran lines be replaced?
Looking for information on a Rawa freefly/camera helmet.

Batch 24

What equipment is required when getting into video and still photography?
Who's the oldest person to make a tandem jump in the US?
Where can I get scale plans to make a small ram-air kite for kite-surfing?
What problems have been associated with wearing hearing aids while skydiving?
What is the weight limit for a tandem passenger?
I recently lost my logbook. Is there a standard way to reconstruct it?
Why is there no falling sensation when jumping out of an airplane?
Where can I find a packing manual for an old Para-Innovators Wedge 3-pin bailout parachute?
Are there any DZ's that would allow a group of men to do a tandem in the nude?
What is the proper procedure for dealing with a horseshoe malfunction?

Batch 23

Where can I get a freefly tube?
Can an AAD be used by paragliding pilots?

What qualifications and training are required by DZ's for their pilots?
Can anyone join the Extreme Canopy Pilots' Association?
Help, I'm an older jumper and was terminated from AFF because of my age.
Which airlines do not allow rigs as carry-on luggage?

Do parachute manufactures sell their used demos or old stock canopies?
How can I get in touch with Skydivers Over Sixty Society?

Batch 22

Are emergency procedures the same when wearing a wing suit?
How does a team drum up sponsorship?
What should be considered when selecting equipment?
I'm having trouble with AFF level 3 - are there any instructional videos that can help?
What long-term injuries can be sustained through skydiving?
What are the risks of skydiving?

Batch 21

Are there any DZs in Cuba?
Should I replace the kill line in my pilot chute?
What background is needed to become a skydiving instructor? Is the pay worth the efforts?
What method of training should I use to learn to skydive?
Would it be safe for my wife and I buy one complete rig for the both of us?
How can I contact the Caterpillar Club?
Do blind people skydive?

Batch 20

Looking for a full-face helmet for a larger than average size head
What is a hook turn?
Safely skydiving with missing fingers
Skydiving with epilepsy - is it safe?
A cure for chapped lips?
Does exposure to jet fuel cause Parkinson's disease?

Batch 19

Need information for pilots of jump planes
Ear problems
Where to get air-to-ground video equipment
Looking for an open-face helmet
Am I too flexible to skydive?
Was my student rig too big?
What is BASS jumping?
Is my USPA license recognized in other countries?
Where can I find good second-hand gear?
RSL - helpful or harmful?
Jumping for charity
Opening shock
Does anyone have a solution for a fast fall rate?

Batch 18

What should I get, a Diablo or a Triathlon?
Which DZ is the best for CRW training?

Batch 17

How to pick the best canopy off student status
How do I know if my steering lines are too long
How do I practice for a tandem rating?

Batch 16

Where can I get air-to-ground video equipment?
Where can I buy flotation gear?
How many jumps should I have before I try skysurfing?
Where can I find packing manuals?
Is an FXC AAD safe for high altitude jumps?
What about jumping with missing fingers?
Is there any source of information on blind people & skydiving?
Do any drop zones offer payment plans?

Batch 15

Will my altimeter work in Denver?
How much weight should I wear?

USPA licenses: Requirements and limitations
Can a family sue for skydiving-related death?
Where can I find a pattern to make my own jumpsuit?
Ear trouble
Any advice for the first-time tandem student?
What in the life span of a skydiver?

Batch 14

How can I learn to pack my parachute off the DZ?
Can I resume jumping if I'm on medication for seizures?

How do I resume jumping after taking a two-year break?
How can I practice an actual cutaway?
What is a hook turn?

Batch 13

Do I need retraining if I switch DZs?
What's a sun dog'?
Is BASE jumping illegal?
Storing parachutes
Teenage jumpers
Fall rate & wearing weights
Where can I make beach jumps?
Exit altitudes for paratroopers
Information on wind tunnels
Skydiving in South Korea
Why do tandem jumpers use 'but landings'?
Who issues licenses in the US?
Where can I get information on POPS and SOS?
Why isn't Kittinger's jump a high-altitude record?
Wants to rent a wind tunnel
Where can I get a freefall chart for freefly jumps?
Skydiving software for the Macintosh computer
Needs STC'd jump joor for the Cessna 180 or 185

Batch 12
What's the correct response to a total malfunction?
Finding the source of Airblades
Minimizing hypoxia
Jumping with diabetes
Flying jumpers without a commercial pilot's certificate
Cerebral palsy and skydiving
Fatality statistics

Batch 11
How do I pay for this sport?
Scared about jumping; wants statistics
Health insurance for skydivers
Wants competition RW blocks and randoms
What training do jump pilots need?
Problems with ears

Batch 10
Using a Time-Out altimeter correctly
Can a 90-lb. person skydive?
Can a 300-lb. person skydive?
Where are the SCR/SCS archives?
How much does the sport cost?
Wants to buy a wind tunnel
Canopy speeds
Newbie looking for comfort
Skydiving and diabetes, asthma
Taking rigs on airliners
Where can I make military-type jumps?
The origins of tandem jumping
Why not 3 parachutes?
AFF helps students with problems

Batch 9
Do skydivers breathe through their skin?
What does skydiving feel like?
A serious question
Is AFF 100% safe?
Basics physics of skydiving
Wants info on the Flying Elvises

Batch 8
Where can I rent a wind tunnel?
What's the best response to horseshoe malfunction?
Problems continuing in the sport
How are rigs certificated
Employing foreign nationals at US DZs
What's better, AFF or PFF?
A student wants to buy gear
What types of gear should I buy?
The cost of parachute gear

Batch 7
When should beginners buy their own gear?
How do I become a skydiving instructor?
How does a military rigger earn an FAA certificate?
Do skydivers seed special training for slope soaring?
I have 30 jumps. What equipment is right for me?
Best rig for freeflying; Catapult pilot chute; Why is the Javelin popular?
How do I get current again?
Cross-country jumps
Best equipment for students
Looking for quality instruction
Who holds the high-altitude records?
Wants to make high-altitude Millennium Jump
Comments on collapsible pilot chutes, tandem jumps & AFF
Exercise to improve one's body position

Batch 6
Having trouble with freefall body position
Getting good prices on new gear
I weigh 350 lbs. Can I jump?
Parachuting safety downunder
A pilot who wants to learn to use a parachute
Equipment for students
Getting personalized instruction
High-altitude jumps
High-alitude jump records
Jumping with a bad knee
Criteria for endorsing USPA director candidates

Batch 5
Should I buy or rent gear?
What about C-130 Jumps?

Batch 3
Using aftermarket components in U.S. tandem rigs
Retraining after a lay-off
One or two days for a first jump?
Minimum age for skydivers
Stuck on 5-second delays
Health insurance
Sources of military parachutes
Static line or tandem? Which is best for a first jump?
High-altitude records
7-cell vs. 9-cell canopies
DZs at higher elevations
Investigations of fatal accidents
Heavyweight skydivers
Should I buy or rent gear?

Batch 2
Sources of statistics on safety
Who makes a rig with two reserves?
Penalties for riggers
Computerized cutting tables
Air-to-air communications
Finding the right place to jump
Are BOC pilot chutes safer?
Minimum bail-out altitudes

Batch 1
Where can I find a place to jump?
Females & skydiving
Life insurance for skydivers
USPA licenses and foreign visitors
Modern training methods
Overview of the Accelerated Freefall training method
AFF vs AFP training methods
What about helmets?
Where can I find dealers & wholesalers?
Builder of vertical wind tunnels
Source of "AFF clock"
Sources of soft links
Source of "car diving" photos



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