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Books on Parachutes and Skydiving

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Bedtime Stories for Skydivers

by Larry Schatz. A collection of humorous short stories, including “The Man Who Loved Cat Chasing” and “Downplane to Hell.” Professionally illustrated. As one critic put it: “Outrageous and disgusting drivel lacking in any redeeming social value whatsoever” and “Not for the squeamish or prudish.” You’ll love it. Comb bound, 142 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Regularly $14.95, on sale for $4.95.

Flight Operations Handbook

by Ray Ferrell. This manual prescribes the procedures used by a major parachute center to operate its jump aircraft. Written for pilots, the handbook covers pilot responsibilities, aircraft coordination, weight and balance, radio procedures, and record keeping. It also contains detailed procedures for hauling jumpers in the Cessna 182 and Beech B-90 King Air. Also included are useful forms such as aircraft squawk sheets, pilot records, currency waivers, and checkride records. Any DZ can take this manual and quickly modify it to improve the safety and efficiency of its aircraft operations. Softbound, 58 pp., 8.5 x 11 in. Regularly $39.95, on sale for $24.95.

Freefalling Together 2

by Editions Para-Graphe. This book is a dive organizer’s dream. It contains more than 900 21- through 64-way formations, all conveniently organized by size. It makes creating innovative dives easy. Need 22-way formations? Turn to the 22-way chapter and you’ll find 32 different ones! Some of the formations are easy, others are hard, so you can match the formations to the skills of your group. This book takes at least 50% of the work out of organizing jumps and will give you fresh ideas to try in the air. It deserves space in your gear bag—you’ll use it often and wonder how you got along without it. Wire bound, 156 pages, 8.25 x 5.75 inches. Regularly $14.95, on sale for $5.95.

Net Blue

by James Hayhurst. Written by a renowned skydiver, this new novel tells the story of two lives that intersect on the internet. Paul Allison, an airplane pilot and single parent of a spirited daughter on the cusp of womanhood, and Patricia O'Neil, a talented and beautiful artist in search of true love. A unique and erotic romance, and unforgettable love story -- laced with plenty of flying and skydiving. Softbound, 132 pages, 8.2 x 5.4 inches. Regularly $14.95, on sale for $1.95.

Skydiving in 8 Days

by Miles Clark. This is an in-depth textbook on learning to skydive using the Accelerated Freefall method. Written by a new jumper who just graduated the course, this book gives detailed information from the student’s point of view. The text is fully illustrated with sharp illustrations and photographs. This is an educational and entertaining book to give a new jumper or someone who’s thinking about taking up the sport. Softbound, 128 pages, 6 x 9 inches. Regularly $14.95, on sale for $3.95.


Videos on DVD
(Click here to to jump to videos on VHS cassettes. Videos are NTSC (U.S.) format unless otherwise noted.)

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Flying Your Body

DVD by Guy-Philippe Ayer. This training video helps newer skydivers quickly master the correct body position for every basic freefall task. Sophisticated computer animation helps imprint each task in the viewer's memory, making it easy to transfer the body position to freefall. The DVDs five chapters are organized in 27 categories: exits, positions and single movements, turns, tracking and vertical track dives, loops and barrel rolls, horizontal and vertical moves. The viewer chooses from English, German and French text. Accompanied by more than 50 minutes of original music and 35 minutes of bonus skydiving video clips. A Swiss Parachuting Federation production. PAL (European) video format; may not play on older U.S. DVD drives and players, but usually will. 90 minutes. Regularly $39.95, on sale for $17.95.

Hookin’ It!

DVD by Sonic and Donna Bayrasli. Since 1996 the Ranch Parachute Club’s annual swoop meet has served as the Super Bowl of swooping competitions. This compilation includes the most dramatic and entertaining footage taken over five of the annual meets. 99 minutes. Regularly $34.95, on sale for $4.95.

Learning to Freefly: Backfly

DVD from Skydive University. This course of instruction will help you quickly master how to fly on your back. It shows how to fall straight down, how to turn, how to slide and how to track. Augmented with multi-language subtitles, 3D animation and wind-tunnel video. You’ll also receive short lectures from expert freefly coaches on safety and other tips for beginning skydivers. 39 minutes. Regularly $39.95, on sale for $28.95.

Pro Swooping Tour

Own all the best of the Pro Swooping Tour's 2003 season on DVD! It's packed with the best swooping action including unforgettable moments from the first ever World Cup of Canopy Piloting, Swoop Festival and the PST Swoop Park.  This DVD brings you extensive coverage of the tour's biggest events, plus special features with music and commentary.  DVD. Regularly 24.95, on sale for $4.95.

Willing to Fly: Original Soundtrack

The music on this CD was carefully composed to elevate the images in the film portion of this project. By giving equal importance to the audio and film elements, both are enriched, thus creating the timeless beauty of “Willing to Fly.” Combined, the production will transport you on a unique journey through life, using skydiving as a vehicle.  57 minutes. Regularly $14.95; on sale for $2.95.

Videos on VHS Cassette
 (Click here to jump to videos on DVD.  Videos are NTSC (U.S.) format unless otherwise noted.)

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1st BASE

VHS cassette. Subtitled ‘Gravity’s Angels,’ this is 25 minutes of continuous BASE-jumping action. You follow a small band of Norwegian skydivers as it travels the world, parachuting from buildings, cliffs, bridges, cranes, and antennas. Lots of incredible footage -- including some jumps that don’t end so well --  professionally edited and with a soundtrack of great music. This is certainly the most exciting skydiving video we’ve seen in a long time. A thoroughly entertaining tape for any skydiver, including those who haven’t made a BASE jump. Usually $14.95, on sale for $1.95.


VHS cassette by Patrick Passe. This video is 52 minutes of superb skydiving footage: canopy swoops, BASE jumps, wing suits, 4-way sequential, freeflying, antics with Space Balls and more. Passe traveled the world  to film the best jumpers against the most spectacular backgrounds. Fast-paced and tightly edited, it grabs your attention by the throat and won’t let go. Specify NTSC (US) or PAL (European) format. Regularly $49.95; on sale for $4.95.

Flight of the Dream Team

VHS cassette by Norman Kent. Produced for national TV, this widely acclaimed video captures the excitement and beauty of modern skydiving and presents it in a form the public can appreciate. It quickly and humorously covers the sport’s history and then blasts into terrific footage of RW, CRW, tandem and BASE jumps. Includes some of the best footage of From Wings Came Flight. You’ll eagerly show this great video to prospective students, relatives and important “whuffos.” 25 minutes. Available only in PAL (European) format. Regularly $24.95; on sale for $4.95

Fly Like a Pro

VHS cassette by Marcus Antebi. A canopy-control program from the creators of the popular “Pack Like a Pro,” this video is an essential learning tool for new jumpers. It features the techniques and tips of the sport’s leading instructional experts, including Danny Page, John LeBlanc, Mad Dog McGuire and Gus Wing. 33 minutes. PAL (European) format only; this tape might not play in older NTSC (U.S.) VCRs. Regularly $21.95, on sale for $1.95.


VHS cassette from Norman Kent . This tape will show you the secrets of clean freefall flight. International skydiving coach Guy Manos and cinematographer Norman Kent have teamed up to design and film a program of instructional dives to help you bridge the gap between AFF graduation and state-of-the-art sequential freefall. The concise presentation by Manos makes even complicated topics easy to understand. Kent’s sparkling photography will rivet you to the screen while you learn techniques used by skydivers with thousands of jumps. 45 minutes. DVD or VHS. For VHS, specify NTSC (U.S.) or PAL (European) format. Usually $49.95; on sale for $19.95.

Pack Like a Pro

VHS cassette by Marcus Antebi. This popular video shows how to side-pack and the P.R.O. (stand-up) pack ram-air main parachutes. Narrated by a FAA Master Rigger who claims more than 7000 skydives and 9000 reserve repacks—this inexpensive tape is crammed full of information for skydivers of all levels. Parachutes open more reliably and more comfortably when packed right—this video shows you how. 35 minutes. PAL (European) format only; this tape might not play in older NTSC (U.S.) VCRs. Regularly $19.95, on sale for $1.95.

Sky Diving

VHS cassette by Flannigan Productions. Kids and parents alike will enjoy this children’s video. Join Paul, Laura, Easton and Katie (a dog!) as they discover the wonders of skydiving. Geared to entertain and educate, this video includes interesting facts, figures and music as well as great Mike McGowan footage of modern skydiving. A great gift for a future jumper. Running time: 25 minutes. PAL (European) format only. Usually $19.95; on sale for $1.95.


VHS cassette. Here’s complete coverage of the largest and most dramatic canopy swoop event ever held, the Blue Sky Ranch’s 2001 pond-swooping championships. You’ll see all the most dramatic swoops and chows of 71 competitors as they struggle through all five rounds of the competition, professionally filmed from multiple angles — the air, the water and the shore — for maximum entertainment value. Includes insightful interviews with top competitors and officials as well as a soundtrack of classic head-banger music. 58 minutes. Regularly $24.95, on sale for $1.95.

Swoop Two

VHS cassette. SWOOP (above) brought the action of the 2001 Pond Swooping Nationals closer to ground level for thousands of cheering spectators. SWOOP TWO brings you the 2002 Pond Swooping Nationals with all of the laughter and drama of the first video. The program covers the best pilots in the world through all five courses. Shot in a documentary reality-tv style, professionally edited and set to popular music. 74 minutes. NTSC (US) or PAL (European) format. Usually $24.95, on sale for $1.95.

Willing to Fly

VHS cassette from Norman Kent. This video masterpiece will transport you on a journey through skydiving as you have never experienced before. Regularly $39.95; on sale for $9.95. Available in PAL (European) video format only.

Willing to Fly: Original Sound Track CD

The music in this CD was carefully composed to elevate the images in the film portion of this project. By giving equal importance to the audio and film elements, both are enriched, thus creating the timeless beauty of “Willing to Fly.” It will transport you on a unique journey through life, using skydiving as a vehicle. The film, book and CD are your tools to uncover the many layers and messages of this exploration through perspectives. 57 minutes. Usually $14.95, on sale for $1.95.

Miscellaneous Items

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Packing Data Cards

These lightweight, tough cards meet the standards of the Parachute Industry Association for permanent packing data records. Designed by an FAA Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner and made from a nondirectional bonded fabric, they are impervious to water and are nearly impossible to tear. Each card has enough lines to accommodate 10 years of a parachute’s history. A blank area is set aside for the technician’s name and address. A must for the serious rigger. 6 x 5.5 in. 50 for $10.50, 150 for $26.00.

Lead Rigger Seals

Standard 3/8-in. diameter lead seals – at great prices. Two holes accommodate red cotton sealing thread. Available in convenient packs of 100. Best prices anywhere; why pay more?: 1 to 4 packs: $7.80 ea., 5 to 10 packs: $6.90 each; 11 or more: $6.20 each.

Skydiving Magazine Back-Issue
Collection -- All of Them

This collection consists of every issue of Skydiving magazine that are still available in our files. It runs from Issue #6 (published in 1979) through #330 (published in 2009) -- about 220 copies in all. Hundreds of hours of informative and entertaining reading covering 30 years of our sport. Only $199 postpaid to US addresses.


Skydiving Magazine Back-Issue
Collection -- The Early Years

This is the first half of the back issues of Skydiving magazine that are still available, from Issue #6 (published in 1979) through #163 (February 1995) -- about 110 copies in all, covering 15 years of parachuting. Only $99 postpaid to US addresses.


Skydiving Magazine Back-Issue
Collection -- The Later Years

This is the other half of Skydiving's available issues (see above). These copies cover from Issue #164 (published in March 1995) through #330 (January 2009) -- also about 110 copies in all. Only $99 postpaid to US addresses.


Skydiving Magazine T-Shirt

High quality T-Shirt with Skydiving's logo printed on the chest. Available in light blue or our choice (specify which). Available in medium, large and extra large -- please specify size, too. $4.95.



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